Are you also unsure what to look for at this year's Black Friday, Christmas or January sales? Well, don't worry. We've selected our 15 most popular pendants for the home, so you can easily get inspired on what to include in your shopping list.

The shopping guide we have compiled includes AndLight's most stunning designs from some of the most fashionable brands such as Tom Rossau, GUBI, &Tradtition, Muuto, and many more.

Whether you're looking for general lighting for the living room, spot lighting for the reading nook, or just some cozy ambient lighting, we've made it easy for you to find the right design for your home.

Explore the shopping guide below and treat your home to a new design classic.

1. NEW WORKS Lantern Pendant

Lantern from NEW WORKS is the modern example of what can be created by mixing traditional styles with modern materials. While the lamp draws inspiration from traditional rice paper lamps, Lantern is made of frosted glass.

The round shape and frosted glass gives the pendant an incredibly calm light and adds a welcoming feel to any room.

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2. GUBI Seine Pendant

The Seine lamp collection from GUBI is inspired by the reflection of light in flowing water. The brass pendant with the patterned mouth-blown glass, captures this fascinating effect. Creating an almost dreamlike ambiance that softens the space while illuminating it. 

The gorgeous burnished brass contrasts beautifully with the mouth-blown glass, adding finesse and elegance. In addition to the pendant, the Seine series also includes a ceiling lamp and table lamp, making it possible to place a Seine lamp anywhere in the home. 

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3. Astep Model 2065 Pendant

Model 2065 from Astep was designed by the legendary Gino Safatti in 1950. Made of Plexiglas, the stylish and striking lamp provides a nice and subdued light with a nice spread.

The pendant works perfectly as a dining table lamp or in a reading corner. The lamp is available in 3 variants, making it easy to tailor it to your home. 

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4. Muuto Strand Pendant

Strand from Danish Muuto is the beautifully designed pendant, which through its soft, playful shapes gets its modern expression. The pendant lamp is made of polypropylene fibers in a semicircular shape that nearly gives it the illusion of a cloud.

The pendant gives off both diffused and direct light in a lovely warm glow, which helps to create harmony and tranquility in the room.

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5. Here Comes The Sun Pendant

Here Comes The Sun is the pendulum with a unique and magical design. With its exceptional expression, the hanging lamp creates a unique atmosphere in the room. The lamp is made for above the kitchen table, the dining table or for lighting in the living room, but works perfectly in most rooms. Available in 4 different colors and 5 sizes.

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6. Foscarini Rituals 2 Pendel

Designers Ludovica & Roberto Palomba have reinterpreted the traditional rice lamp. Rituals 2, is made of Venetian hand-blown glass with a chalky effect. The beautiful frosted opal glass gives a nice harmonious light to the room the pendant hangs in.

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7. LYFA REPOSE Pendel 175

REPOSE is a lamp series from LYFA that embodies a passion for craftsmanship, contrasts and refined aesthetics. The lamp has a beautiful geometric interplay between the organic shapes and the straight line passing through the shade. Designed to create a calm atmosphere with its diffused light, graphic expression and soft shapes.

With its serene and modern look, the lamp compliments countless interior styles. The opal glass with its three layers casts a warm light into the room, and the pendant can therefore be used as a dining table lamp, as cozy lighting in the living room, or be hung in a hallway and create a peaceful atmosphere in the home.

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8. Secto Octo 4240 Pendant

Octo 4240 is the incredibly beautiful and sustainable designer lamp from Finnish Secto. Crafted in Finnish birch veneer, the lamp is distinguished by its simplicity and round shape. The pendant illuminates the home with comfortable and expressive light, shining through the slats of the lamp while providing a useful downward light. This combination makes the lamp ideal for use above the dining table, or in smaller spaces due to its lightness.

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9. &Tradition Formakami JH5 Pendant

Formakami JH5 from &Tradition is the Asian inspired pendant with a modern twist. Taking inspiration from traditional Asiatic rice paper lamps, the Formakami is a successful attempt to fuse old with new. The lamp's design is stylish and simple while the rice paper provides a warm and pleasing light. Formakami is, as a result, suitable for almost any area of the home.

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10. GUBI Multi-Lite Pendant

Multi-Lite from Gubi is the lamp that pays homage to the Danish Golden Age with its characteristic shape. The pendant lamp can provide different expressions and light using the rotatable shades. This opens up the possibility to control whether you want a directly upwards, downwards or asymmetrical light. Add a unique look to your home with this brass pendant.

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11. HAY Nelson Saucer Bubble Pendant

The Nelson Saucer Bubble from Hay was designed by George Nelson, who is widely considered to be one of the founders of American modernist design. The lamp has a simple but beautiful and elegant design, which makes it easy to place practically anywhere. And the range of size options ensures you can easily find the perfect version for your home.

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12. Tom Rossau TR7 Nature Medium Pendant

TR7 from Tom Rossau is the award winning pendant . Its beautiful design and warm light make it effortless to create a cozy space. The pendant lamp has an organic and sculptural look, both when switched on or off. TR7 is available in three different sizes, and is made as both a pendant and a floor lamp.

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13. Kartell Gé Pendant Crystal

Gé from Katell is the pendant that adds a sense of luxury to any room with its exclusive look. Featuring a rosette reminiscent of antique Venetian chandeliers. Gé is available in two versions. This version gives a transparent look and is available in soft colors.

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14. Pholc MOBIL 70 Pendant

MOBIL 70 is designed by Monika Mulder for Pholc. The inspiration behind the lamp is the typical New York balconies in black metal and the round street lamps on the Brooklyn Bridge. The result is this special pendant lamp where three straight parts are connected to each other. The three parts can be rotated to change the appearance of the lamp.

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15. Umage Eos Micro Pendant

The Danish brand Umage has created the series EOS. Eos is created as a tribute to the Greek goddess of dawn by the same name. The Umage pendulum is hence also in the shape of a cloud in the sky. The pendant has an exclusive and organic design, which really catches the eye and provides a pleasant and fascinating light. The shade is made of authentic RDS certified goose feathers on the outside.

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