Astep showcases its rich Italian heritage in the design of ageless and innovative designer lamps, building upon a legacy that began in 1939. Through collaborations, such as with Flos to create the "Flos with Sarfatti" collection honoring founder Gino Sarfatti, Astep merges tradition with innovative design, offering models like the 2065, 537, and 237/I that epitomize simple and stylish designs suitable for minimalistic, Nordic homes. Under the leadership of Alessandro Sarfatti, Gino's grandson, the company has worked with skilled designers to produce distinctive lamps like Nox and Candela, blending innovation with sustainability, underscoring the anticipation and warm reception of Astep's offerings at AndLight.

Astep lamps - see the selection at AndLight

Emphasizing tradition, design, and sustainability, Astep revives classic creations from Gino Sarfatti and Vittoriano Viganó using modern materials and lighting technologies. This approach generates collections that are timeless, minimalistic, and distinctively Italian, tailored for the contemporary Nordic household. Alessandro Sarfatti, driven by the legacy of his predecessors, focuses on perpetuating the family's dedication to quality, enduring design, and unique lighting solutions. The brand boasts a collection that includes designs more than 60 years old, laden with amusing colors, precious materials, and innovative designs, ensuring an adventure for visitors and an enriched wishlist.

Astep's designers

Astep collaborates with a cadre of celebrated designers, blending traditional and modern lighting solutions within its brand. The company displays an admirable range of designs from traditional to contemporary, such as Francisco Gomez Paz's Candela, an LED lantern chargeable via a flame-driven USB port, and Alfredo Häberli's Nox, a wireless charging, portable table lamp. Interweaving functionality with sleek aesthetics, Astep and its cohort of award-winning designers bring forward lighting designs that are both elegant and practical. The recreated VV Cinquanta collection from Vittoriano Viganó and partnerships like with Flos for the Flos with Sarfatti collection illustrate Astep's commitment to marrying the old with the new in luxurious functionality.