Flos, an Italian lighting company established in 1962 by founders Dino Gavina and Cesare Cassina, has become internationally recognized for its innovative and beautiful lighting designs. Collaborating with esteemed designers like Achille Castigliomo and the Scarpa brothers, Flos introduced iconic designs such as Gatto and Ariette, utilizing materials like cocoon, polycarbonate, and glass. Among their most popular offerings are the Miss K table lamp, known for its simple design and warm light, alongside a myriad of other designs fit for various styles and spaces including the Glo-Ball and the Ktribe. Philippe Starck, hired in 1988, brought forth provocative designs like the Miss K and the Romeo series, significantly influencing Flos' direction. Celebrating over 50 years, Flos has sustained its philosophy of creating innovative lighting experiences, resulting in beautifully iconic products. The company continues to thrive by collaborating with leading designers and exploring new lighting possibilities, offering a wide range of lamps from table lamps to ceiling lights.