Audo Copenhagen is a new brand that combines the heritage and expertise of two renowned Danish design brands: by Lassen and MENU. Audo Copenhagen aims to create timeless and functional products that enhance the quality of everyday life. With a focus on craftsmanship, sustainability and innovation, Audo Copenhagen offers a wide range of furniture, lighting and accessories for modern living. Formerly known as MENU and by Lassen.

Popular Products from Audo

Audo Copenhagen’s products reflect the diversity and creativity of its designers, who include some of the most talented names in Scandinavian design. Some of the popular products from Audo Copenhagen are:
The JWDA Table Lamp, designed by Jonas Wagell, is a minimalist and elegant lamp that combines a smooth metal base with a frosted glass shade. The lamp has a dimmer switch that allows you to adjust the light intensity according to your mood.
The Kubus Collection, designed by Mogens Lassen, is a series of geometric candleholders that are inspired by the Bauhaus movement. The Kubus Collection consists of various shapes and sizes that can be combined to create stunning arrangements.
The Tired Man Chair, designed by Flemming Lassen, is a cozy and inviting chair that resembles a bear hug. The chair has a curved backrest and armrests that envelop you in softness and warmth. The chair is upholstered in high-quality fabrics that come in various colors and patterns.
The Knitting Chair, designed by Ib Kofod-Larsen, is a classic and comfortable chair that features an open backrest that allows you to rest your arms while knitting or reading. The chair has a wooden frame and a leather seat that create a contrast between natural materials.


Audo Copenhagen - A Brand with a Story

Audo Copenhagen is not just a brand - it is also a story of passion, vision and collaboration. The brand was born from the merger of two Danish design brands: by Lassen and MENU, both with a rich history and a strong identity. By Lassen was founded in 2008 by the third and fourth generations of the Lassen family, who wanted to continue the legacy of their ancestors, the architects Mogens and Flemming Lassen.
MENU was founded in 1976 by Simon Hansen, who had a dream of creating high-quality products with a Scandinavian aesthetic. In 2023, both brands were acquired by the Italian entrepreneur Alessandro Sarfatti, who saw the potential of combining their strengths and values. He decided to rename them as Audo Copenhagen, a brand that celebrates the fusion of Danish design and Italian craftsmanship.
Audo Copenhagen is more than just a name - it is also a concept and a place. The word Audo is derived from the Latin word audire, meaning ‘to listen’ or ‘to hear’. This reflects the brand’s philosophy of listening to the needs and desires of its customers, partners and collaborators, as well as being open to new ideas and inspirations.
The place is The Audo1, a hybrid space located in Copenhagen’s new neighbourhood Nordhavn2, that combines design showroom, hotel residence, shop, café and restaurant.
The Audo is a meeting point for creative minds, where they can interact, exchange and co-create. The Audo showcases the products of Audo Copenhagen and its partner brands, as well as hosting events, exhibitions and workshops. The Audo is also a living example of the brand’s vision of creating beautiful, functional and sustainable spaces that enhance human well-being.


The Audo - A Hybrid Space for Design Lovers

Welcome to The Audo Copenhagen, a vibrant hybrid space where creativity, hospitality, and human interaction collide! Housed in a beautifully restored former merchant's building in Copenhagen's Nordhavn district, The Audo is your ultimate destination for premium lighting, furniture, and unforgettable experiences.
Step inside and immerse yourself in a world where design comes to life. With 10 exquisitely furnished rooms, each showcasing Audo Copenhagen's stunning products alongside captivating artworks, you'll find inspiration at every turn. Whether you're seeking a short-term or long-term stay, our rooms offer a haven of comfort and style, granting you full access to all our exceptional facilities.
But that's not all! Indulge your passion for design at our curated shop, where Audo Copenhagen's products and carefully selected items from renowned brands await your exploration.
Join us for exciting events and workshops that unlock the secrets of design and sustainability, inspiring you to make conscious choices while surrounding yourself with the Scandinavian aesthetic you adore. Prepare to be amazed as The Audo becomes a hub of creativity and innovation.
Immerse yourself in exhibitions, engaging talks, captivating workshops, and thought-provoking screenings. Our co-working space offers a haven for individuals and groups seeking an inspiring environment to bring their projects to life.
Experience the perfect fusion of Danish design and Italian craftsmanship at The Audo Copenhagen. Beyond being a place to stay, shop, or dine, it's a haven for learning, creating, and collaborating. Discover new perspectives, forge connections with like-minded individuals, and let your imagination soar in our extraordinary space. Welcome to The Audo, where extraordinary experiences await.