Rebello Decor

Rebello, a distinguished Danish lighting design brand, was founded by the talented duo Jonas Birkebæk Poulsen, with a background in architecture and product development, and Maria Thygesen, an entrepreneur passionate about interior design and sustainability, in 2021. It has earned its reputation for combining aesthetics, innovation, and high-quality materials like solid brass and hand-blown opal glass in its products, ensuring both durability and visual appeal. Two of Rebello's renowned creations, the Circle of Life and Eternal Moonlight, exemplify the brand's dedication to producing timeless and sophisticated chandeliers and lamps that serve not just as lighting solutions but as transformative works of art for any space. These designs reflect Rebello's commitment to high-quality lighting that remains appreciated over the years and demonstrates the founders' inspirations from diverse design traditions and a focus on creating cozy, comfortable atmospheres through lighting.