It’s pretty clear that the development within bulbs and lighting is pointing towards a replacement of incandescent or halogen bulbs in homes. This means that LED and energy saving bulbs are slowly taking over. At AndLight we have chosen to sell light bulbs from Philips and Paulmann as we want to offer the very best and highest quality bulbs to our customers. LED lights are the sustainable choice and will save you both time and energy. Remember, you’re always welcome to write us an e-mail at or call us +45 44 44 62 44, if you have any questions. We would love to help.


Having the correct bulbs is very important as bulbs are essential to how warm, powerful and sharp the light will be. Philip’s Master LED series are definitely recommendable! The LED bulbs are of low energy consumption, you’ll get a lifetime of 20.000-25.000 hours and you’ll save up to 85% energy. The bulb is dimmerable, has a high level of brightness and gives a warm and nice light. Last, but not least, the Master LED series makes it super easy to make the switch from old bulbs to new, LED bulbs. Don’t forget to check out our Paulmann selection that also offer great, energy saving bulbs in high quality.    

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What should I keep in mind?

When choosing a bulb to your lamp, it’s important to know what cord set the lamp has. The most common are E27, E14, GU10, GU9, GU5.3 and GU4. Thereafter, check what power the lamp’s maximum watt is – maximum watt is always written in the cord set. Next you’ll have to decide whether you want a halogen, energy saving or LED bulb. At AndLight we always recommend a LED bulb because of its low energy consumption and high quality. Make sure to choose a bulb with the correct colour temperature. We can recommend bulbs with 2700K (extra warm white) or 3000K (warm white). Read more about LED lighting and other information regarding lamps in our Guidance & Advice section.

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