DCWéditions produces high-end designs according to the motto that designs have to be honest objects that are well thought out, beautifully designed, and manufactured in a reasonable quality.

DCWéditions is a French manufacturer of lamps and furniture. The philosophy behind their designs is based on the past and how one can use the finished design of the past today.

DCWéditions consists of various collections such as Respiro, Org, Aaro, Biny, In The Sun, Lampe Gras, Schottlander Mantis, In The Tube, ISP, Here Comes The Sun, and a few more.

The various DCWéditions collections are constantly evolving and, in combination with each other, contribute to the mission of producing timeless designs that will never go out of today's fashion.

Respiro lamps from DCWéditions

The Respiro lamp series was designed by Philippe Nigro for DCWéditions. Philippe is a French designer who lives between Paris and Milan. He has degrees in both industrial design and applied arts from the Boulle School in Paris.

After Philippe finished his studies, he started working with the world-famous designer Michelle De Lucchi. After a few years, Philippe Nigro decided to set up his own studio. This gave him more opportunity to bring many of his design ideas to life.

"Respiro" means "to breathe" in Italian. The design of the lamp distributes air and light and creates the desire to spend time together and share stories.

The Respiro lamp series is available in two length, a pendant with either 90 cm or 120 cm in length. In addition, the lamp is available in three different colors: gold, black, and gold with white & gold.

Sebastian Summa – The designer behind the ORG lamps

Sebastian Summa lives in East Berlin and was trained at a university as well as completing an apprenticeship as a blacksmith. Sebastian Summa lives in a world made of metal and works in a raw environment, but still manages to create the most amazing designs.

With the Org lamp, he managed to create a lamp that is both very elegant and classic, but at the same time completely different from anything you have seen before. The lamp is described as "Like a shooting star" which describes the lamp quite well. The brass ends and the opal glass give the lamp the feeling of a falling star moving across the sky.

The Org lamp is available as both a pendant and a wall lamp. The pendant comes in three lengths of 130 cm , 160 cm , and 200 cm . A fantastic lamp above the dining table. The wall lamp is available in two lengths of 105 cm and 150 cm . The lamp offers fantastic light and is at the same time an art object in your home.

The magician Simon Schmitz – The AARO lamp series

With the AARO lamp series, the designer Simon Schmitz wanted to create a lamp with movements that were as fluid as possible. Hence, he was immediately inspired by space and the ease with which planets move.

In the sphere, you can move effortlessly, without restrictions, and in the directions, you want to move. With Simon Schmitz's design of the AARO lamp, everything develops from the center of the sphere, which influences both the geometric balance and the friction on the lamp.

The result was a series of lamps consisting of a wall lamp , a table lamp , and a ceiling lamp , all of which feel like they are being moved by the wind. The lamp is both extremely functional and fantastically beautiful and very well thought through.