The story of Anglepoise begins in 1932, initiated by car mechanic George Carwardine's invention of a unique mechanism that would define the brand's work lamps. Carwardine’s original sketch paved the way for the Anglepoise work lamp, an icon in design admired globally for its innovative approach. The helm of the company is now under Sir Kenneth Grange, who continues the legacy of innovation and unconventionality. Under his guidance, the company has embarked on collaborations with renowned designers like Paul Smith and Margaret Howell, further solidifying Anglepoise's status as a forward-thinking brand. Anglepoise lamps, recognized for their distinct design and functionality, are featured in diverse settings across over 50 countries.

Lamps from Anglepoise

The evolution of Anglepoise lamps began with George Carwardine's groundbreaking concept of balance in lighting, leading to the creation of the Original 1227 table lamp, now expanded into a series of nine designs. These designs encompass various forms such as pendants, table lamps, floor lamps, and wall lights, all retaining the original's functional integrity. Available in classic colors and featuring fabric-coated cords with chrome details, Anglepoise lamps boast an extraordinary heritage ready to enhance modern living spaces and offices with their timeless appeal and story.

The designers behind Anglepoise

Before founding Anglepoise, George Carwardine made significant contributions to the automotive industry as a chief mechanic/designer for the Horstmann Car Company. Following the company's bankruptcy, Carwardine shifted his focus to lamp design, which became his enduring legacy. Since 2003, Sir Kenneth Grange has led the company with a dedication to excellence, involving some of the world's most esteemed designers like Paul Smith and Margaret Howell in specific projects. Under Grange's leadership, Anglepoise continues to embody traditional innovation through the design of functional and aesthetic table and work lamps.