Here Comes The Sun by DCWéditions

The "Here Comes The Sun" lamp, designed by Bertrand Balas, stands out for its unique and aesthetically pleasing design that integrates seamlessly into any room's décor. Available in various sizes, from Ø17.5 cm to Ø55 cm, this lamp is versatile enough to hang over dining tables, bar tables, or kitchen tables, providing comfortable and useful light. Additionally, it comes in different color combinations, allowing customers to select the perfect shade to complement their home interiors. Its design and functionality embody the essence of what designer lamps aim to achieve, making it a prominent offering within DCWéditions' product lineup. You can explore all products from DCWéditions here.

Popular lamps from Here Comes The Sun

The French-designed "Here Comes The Sun" lamp has witnessed a resurgence, thanks to the DCW Group's efforts to reintroduce it in a modernized form suitable for contemporary homes. Expanding from its original single size, the collection now features five different sizes, enhancing its adaptability to various interior spaces. Amongst its array of models, the Black and Copper version in Ø35 cm and Ø45 cm sizes, along with the White/Copper version in Ø25 and Ø35 sizes, stand out as the most sought-after. Their popularity underscores the blend of classic design and modern aesthetics that characterizes the Here Comes The Sun series.

The designer behind Here Comes The Sun

Designed by the acclaimed French architect Bertrand Balas in August 1969 and launched in 1970, "Here Comes The Sun" has transcended its era to become a collectible item among lamp enthusiasts. This lamp is celebrated not only for its distinctive appearance but also for its ability to create a warm, diffuse light that envelops any room in comfort. The design principles behind this lamp, which emphasize both functionality and aesthetic appeal, have cemented its status as an iconic piece within the designer lighting domain. It epitomizes the magical transformation that good lighting can bring to a space, making it a truly remarkable creation by Balas.