Muuto, a Scandinavian design house, has made significant strides in integrating contemporary lighting design into Scandinavian life through collaborations with top designers like Louise Campbell and Harri Koskinen. Highlighted for their popular and vibrant lighting options, such as the E27 and Mhy pendants, Muuto continues to expand its collection with timeless pieces like the Fluid pendant, made from opal glass, fitting perfectly into both offices and homes. The brand's commitment to Scandinavian design principles—emphasizing beauty, usefulness, simplicity, with a unique twist—is evident in their product lines, which include the likes of the Grain, Cosy, and Up. Furthermore, Muuto's engagement with esteemed designers, including Mattias Ståhlbom of TAF Architects, has not only led to the creation of bestsellers like the E27 pendant but also positioned their designs in prestigious locations like MoMA in New York City. Through offering a platform for innovative Scandinavian design, Muuto has established itself as a key player in the design world, encapsulating the northern spirit in each piece.