Parachilna, a Spanish brand, epitomizes luxury through meticulous design, craftsmanship, and the story behind their lamps, emphasizing the preservation of skills exhibited by smiths, glassblowers, and ceramists. Collaborating with renowned designers worldwide, including Jaime Hayon and the Shanghainese duo Neri&Hu, Parachilna has created iconic pieces such as the Aballs and Bai lamps. The Aballs lamps, designed by Jaime Hayon, embody Parachilna's core values of superior materials, traditional craftsmanship, and immaculate finish, featuring a unique combination of ceramic and blown glass united by a polished brass hoop, available in various forms including pendant, table, wall, and ceiling lamps. This partnership between Parachilna and distinct global talents underscores the brand's commitment to highlighting and preserving artisanal techniques through high-end, creatively designed lighting solutions.