Zoolight children's lamps, available in numerous animal variants from Elephant to Penguin, offer ideal lighting solutions for children's rooms, adding life with their enchanting animal shapes and designs. AndLight proudly features the full range of these captivating lamps with free shipping. Behind the enchanting Zoolight and Happylight collections is Claudio Santambrogio's Intermezzo, bringing exquisite Italian lamp design to Denmark under the motto “for many, but not for everyone.” The lamps, developed by designer Ramin Razani, are celebrated for transforming children's rooms into a magical zoo environment, capturing the essence of animals in an imaginative and joyful manner. Zoolight lamps are designed to be both pendant and wall lamps, including options like the mini Zoolight that shifts between 7 different colors. Launched in 1999, Zoolight's popularity has grown, extending its range to include various designs and colors, making these lamps a sought-after addition in many countries with expectations for continued expansion.