Japanese company Yamagiwa has revolutionized the lighting industry with their handmade Mayuhana series, under the design leadership of Japan's renowned Toyo Ito. Celebrating nearly a century in the business, Yamagiwa combines superior craftsmanship with a minimalist and elegant design, bringing to light the unique aesthetics of Asian-inspired lamps that have remained underappreciated in European markets until now. The Mayuhana series, which includes products like the Mayuhana pendant and the Mayuhana floor lamp, showcases the exquisite use of thin glass fibre strands to create a cobweb effect that envelops the bulb, ensuring a glare-free illumination. Renowned designer Toyo Ito, whose architectural achievements span globally with projects like the World Games Stadium in Taiwan and VivoCity in Singapore, brings his boundary-pushing philosophy to the design of these lamps. As Yamagiwa celebrated its 90th anniversary in 2013, it continues its legacy of blending innovative design with cutting-edge lighting technology, including LED, to offer superior lighting solutions that touch the essence of both quality and unique design.