This iconic series of lamps was designed by Verner Panton in 1968 and has since then been well-established and well-known in the design world. Verner Panton’s unique sense of colours and shapes really finds its right in this fantastic series of lamps. They are available in several different colours and types so that you can mix and match and create the expression that you want in your home.

The popular Flowerpot

Back in 1968 this iconic series of lamps was designed by Verner Panton himself. FlowerPot with its two hemispheres turned towards each other has long since shown it durable design quality and has become synonymous with our time. The colourful lamps have lately become incredibly popular in private homes where they contribute life and good mood.

Flowerpot i friske farver

The designer behind Flowerpot

Verner Panton is a design icon of our time. He is famous and well-known for his colourful personality and unique sense of colour, function, shape and not least the function of light. His greatest works have been in furniture, lighting and room design. A for for which he is particularly known is the molded plastic chair the "Panton-chair", which still stands as a historic piece of design today. Throughout Verner Panton's design career, he has developed a series of modern lamps that reflected his personality and Scandinavian architecture.

Designer Verner Panton

The story behind &tradition

The international design brand &tradition was founded in 2010 by Martin Kornbek Hansen, and since then the brand has moved onwards and upwards. Today, &tradition is an internationally recognised design brand that appreciates and builds in the Scandinavian style. At &tradition they desire to create design with its roots in modern design and today they have a great selection of furniture, lamps and accessories.
Flowerpot is produced by andtradition

Verner Panton Flowerpot