Serge Mouille

Serge Mouille, a celebrated designer born in Paris in 1922, revolutionized lighting with his iconic lamps in the 1950s, contrasting the detailed Italian designs of the era with his simpler, elegant creations. Today, his company preserves his legacy, emphasizing the original craftsmanship and unique designs of Mouille's work, ensuring each lamp remains a high-quality, handmade piece. Among the admired selection, the Applique 2, Lampadaire 1 Droit, and Plafonnier 3 stand out for their beauty. His first and most iconic model, the floor lamp with three arms, exemplifies Mouille's pursuit of simplicity in design. Beyond his design work, Mouille was a professor at the School of Applied Arts in Paris and founded the Société de Création de Modèles in 1961 to support young metallurgy designers. Continuing his vision, Mouille's family still produces the lamps in limited editions to maintain their exceptional quality and distinctiveness, a testament to Serge Mouille's lasting impact on design.