Please Wait to be Seated

Founded in 2014 by Thomas Ibsen, Please Wait to be Seated (PWTBS) is a Danish design company that has quickly become known for its passion for shapes, architecture, and honoring the legacy of Danish design. Beloved for its innovative lighting options, including the renowned Planet lamp in Indian Red, nominated for "Lamp of the Year" at the Danish Design Awards in 2015, and its Electric Blue counterpart, PWTBS embraces quality, sustainability, and timeless design. Mette Schelde, an architect and acclaimed designer, stands out in the company's portfolio, having won numerous awards for her creative designs including the interchangeable Planet lamp and the uniquely geometrical Blooper table lamp. Under the leadership of Ibsen and CEO Peter Mahler Sørensen, PWTBS has focused on collaborating with dedicated designers, brands, and artists to create products that aim to become modern classics, ensuring the brand's adherence to great craftsmanship, high quality, and sustainable design principles that embody the essence of Danish design.