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Timelessness is just one of the distinctive features of Pantone ’s design philosophy. They create designs which refashion functionality into sleek and simple minimalism. Pantone believes that lighting is the key to creating cosiness – or ‘hygge’ – in the dark Scandinavian winters – that light and colour represent the heart in our interior.
Pantone has teamed up with Danish E3Light Group in an innovative collaboration. Their collection includes pendants, ceiling lamps, floor lamps, and table lamps and they give you the opportunity to combine them with a Pantone shade of your choice. Every single piece combine refined lighting technology and playful creations.
They challenge the smooth aesthetics with their bold colours, while the contemporary creations remain true to the Scandinavian design feel and soul. The design is developed to be compelling as well as easy to use and the minimalistic look ensures focus on the colours and thus fit into most interior environments. Colours appeal to all of us and have an international language that can communicate clearly and directly. They spread happiness, cosiness, calm, balance, fun, and energy. The available colours are white, black, red, green, blue, and grey.

Unique lamps from Pantone

Pantone´s unique design lamps are high quality, manufactured to last and withstand many years of use. Pantone offers a wide range of opportunities for anyone who would like to be able to unfold their creative design skills, thus affecting the home with their style. They give you the opportunity to compose your lamp according to your wishes and needs.
The Deneb sockets are the epitome of minimalism with their sleek expression. They come in 6 colours and can be matched with either a fabric or felt shade. The Mintaka and Sargas lamp shades - available in two sizes - have a classic look that is topped off with a white metal ring which adds class and sass to the finished look. The lamps blend colours and minimalist shapes, resulting in a playful collection. Pantone's goal was to rethink design lighting, making this a collection of creative solutions with sophisticated technology, legendary colours and a modern sensibility.

The man behind Pantone´s lamp collection

Kåre Arndt de Thurah is Pantone Lighting’s design manager as well as the Creative CEO of E3Light. He takes great care when choosing materials and thanks to his designs the collaboration between Pantone and E3Light has uncovered how light can be used in combination with the fascinating universe of colours. The many colour options truly allow you to choose a unique lamp for every room in your home, and Pantone has created a range of products that let you showcase your true colours. Every piece exudes class with its enthralling colours, surfaces, and high-quality materials.Pantone has been the world's leading colour system supplier for more than half a century. Pantone communicates internationally with their language of colours. Like colours, light can create completely unique moods. With Pantone's beautiful universe of innovative designs, you can fashion your own distinctive style in your home and create feelings of light, joy and warmth.

The Pantone story

Pantone originally made colour charts for the cosmetics and fashion industry, but when Lawrence Herbert bought the company in 1962, he chose to develop his own colour determination method, colour matching system, and colour communication in a graphic society, which he launched under the name Pantone Matching System. The system is based on 14 basic colours, which can be matched with several colour combinations to achieve the optimal look. Pantone, who is world-renowned for its understanding of colours, has inspired the design world and had the leading technology in a creative and exploring colour universe for almost 50 years. Since the development of its unique system, the company has expanded its concept to other industries such as digital technology, fashion, home, media, architecture, and interior as well as other industries. Their universe is a collection of lifestyle products based on fashion colours and trends for the consumer, combining timeless designs and modern materials with current colour trends.

Pantone continues to develop colour communication, create inspiring tools, and create new technologies to meet the creative society's colour needs.

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