Pandul is a Danish design company that was founded in 1982. They have collaborated with big and recognised Danish designers and published several popular lamp collections. To name some of these, in Pandul's catalogue you'll find the popular Opala series that the designer and architect Hans J. Wegner is behind. The Opala series was originally designed for Hotel Scandinavia in Copenhagen. The famous artist and sculptural designer Henning Koppel has also made a collection with Pandul called BUBI.

Popular lamps from Pandul

Pandul has produced som beautiful lamp collections in close collaboration with Danish designers. Among others, we find the BUBI series that consists of a pendant where the materials metal and glass meet. It is available in serveral colours and materials. The beautiful Tip Top series consists of a pendant and wall light in several sizes and colours. Other popular lamp collections from Pandul are VIP, Opala and Upligt.

Stilfulde BUBI pendel fra Pandul

Popular designer from Pandul

In collaboration with some of the greatest name in Danish design and architecture, Pendal has produced many beautiful designs. The furniture designer and architect Hans J. Wegner is behind the neat Opala series that was designed for the Hotel Scandinavia in Copenhagen originally. It was so well-liked that Pandul ended up releasing the collection and put it into production. Other great names are Henning Koppel who is behind Pandul's BUBI series, Jørgen Gammelgaard who is behind the Tip Top series and Erik Magnussen who designed the UpLight series.

Dansk designer Koppel

The Story behind Pandul

Pandul was founded in 1982 and is a Danish design company. The close collaboration with Jørgen Gammelgaard led to the development of the Tip Top and VIP collections. Later, Pandul's lamp collections were expanded by several recognised Danish designers including Hans J Wegner, Erik Magnussen and the latest to join them, Henning Koppel. Henning Koppel has designed jewellery for Georg Jensen earlier in his carreer.

Scandinavisk Design & Kvaitet  Pandul


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