NORR11 has since 2011 guaranteed timeless Scandinavian design as we know and love it. Their philosophy is simple: they want to combine the best from the past and the present and they have a special focus on the quality of their products. NORR11 works with talented, young and creative people from the world of design and collaborates with local suppliers to achieve the best results. We sell their minimalistic and timeless lamps, e.g. the popular Line One pendant and the Le Six Double Arm Wall Light. You see those and many other beautiful lamps here .

Popular lamps from NORR11

The Line Two Floor Lamp is a remarkable and highly popular lamp from NORR11. The lamp is available in three different variants that can all be purchased at! The lamp is big and very visible in the room. Furthermore, it is handmade with neat details and a pretty finish. The lamp is designed by Rune Krøjgaard and Knut Bendik Humlevik who are firm believers in minimalism which is evident in the Line series. Even though the designers have managed to make a minimalistic lamp, it is far from boring as it's still full of details and the lamp has an impressive balance between details, finish and minimalism.

The NORR11 designers

Knut Bendik Humlevik is one of the many talented designers that NORR11 have collaborated with. Humlevik is from Bergen, Norway and trained at the 'The Royal Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture' in Copenhagen. Knut Humlevik's design is characterised by minimalism with a fine balance of details and natural and classic materials. He is known for designing minimalistically and adding details and dynamic through his choice of materials and contrasts.

The story behind NORR11

NORR11 has existed since 2011 and have accomplished design solutions for modern everyday lige. NORR11 was founded by designer Tommy Hyldal who worked in the fashion industry for many years. Hyldal desided to follow his passion: furniture. From there, he went for it and founded NORR11 and made it what it is today!