Loom Design

LOOM Design cherishes the principles of design, usability, functionality, and high quality, particularly within the sphere of modern lighting that bears the hallmark of the Scandinavian style. This is evident in both their elegant battery lamps and outdoor lighting options. Emphasizing both stylish, Scandinavian-inspired designs and durability, LOOM Design ensures their lamps bring prolonged satisfaction to their customers. Among their offerings, the LUCIA series stands out, offering ceiling and wall lamps in various sizes and colors, all featuring an integrated LED for ease of use. Likewise, the LUCERNA series represents LOOM Design's venture into portable, battery-powered lamps, showcasing simple yet efficient designs ideal for enhancing outdoor evening experiences. A product of the Aarhus-based Lampefeber, LOOM Design is a testament to creating stylish lighting solutions suited for Scandinavian decor, underlined by a commitment to quality and longevity. Their comprehensive range, which includes both mounting and battery-powered options, exemplifies a seamless blend of aesthetic appeal and functional design, tailored to fit nearly any Scandinavian home.