Konsthantverk stands as a testament to nearly a century of unparalleled dedication, emerging as a distinguished Swedish lamp company recognized for its unique designer lamps. Emphasizing craftsmanship, Konsthantverk has recently unveiled their Fenomen lamp series, an exquisite blend of glass and brass design, showcasing their commitment to preserving the sublime nature of handmade lamps. Sabina Grubbesson and her talented team of designers underscore the importance of maintaining the essence of their creations, focusing on sustaining the brand's niche rather than converting into an industrial behemoth.

Konsthantverk's lamps

Introducing the Fenomen lamps, Konsthantverk's latest innovation in pendant lighting, exemplifies a harmonious blend of brass and glass, encapsulating a raw yet elegant aesthetic suitable for contemporary homes. Their dedication to both raw and rustic, alongside elegant and simple wall lights, reflects their profound passion and involvement in lamp creation. Through their Kavaljer, Stoby, Glimminge, and Edison series, the meticulous engagement and creativity vested in these designs become increasingly apparent, revealing the depth of their passion for lighting design.

The minds behind Konsthantverk's lamps

Integral to Konsthantverk's success are its designers, including Sami Kallio, Sabina Grubbesson, and Johan Carpner, whose collaborative efforts yield a distinctive niche for the brand. Their contributions are not limited to creating unique lamp designs but also extend to fostering a dynamic synergy that defines Konsthantverk's ethos. This incredible team is driven by the goal of making designer lamps accessible to a broader audience, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to both innovation and inclusivity in the realm of lighting design.