Karakter is a Danish design company born from a passion for exploration, courage, and uncompromising quality, deeply rooted in Scandinavian design traditions yet boasting a global perspective. Their portfolio includes furniture, lighting, and objects that embody relevance, honesty, expressiveness, and a playful touch, striving to enrich homes with a unique mix of tradition and innovation for an inspiring atmosphere. The iconic Principal series, designed by Bodil Kjær in 1961, embodies the spirit of its era with its timeless elegance, functionality, and high-quality materials, perfectly fitting both modern and classic interiors. Meanwhile, Karakter's collaborative efforts bring together modern designers like Aldo Bakker and PlueerSmitt alongside works by renowned creatives such as Bodil Kjær, Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, Paul McCobb, Joe Colombo, and Angelo Mangiarotti, each contributing unique and captivating designs. This amalgamation of creativity and careful selection ensures Karakter’s place in both private and public spaces worldwide, reflecting an inspiring curiosity and a dedicated approach that unites their designers.