The history of Bestlite goes back to 1930, where the Bestlite lamp was designed by British manufacturer, Robert Dudley Best. During World War II, the Bestlite lamp became a national treasure, when Winston Churchill had a Bestlite BL1 on his desk in the protection bunker under Whitehall. The Bestlite lamps are characterized by simple and elegant design, which has made Bestlite a timeless classic. Bestlite lamps are manufactured so the lamp is very adjustable, which makes it incredibly functional.

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Popular lamps from Bestlite

Bestlite is an internationally recognized brand that has managed to combine industrial design with elegance and high functionality. If you take a look at their table lamps, the Bestlite BL1 is very interesting as it comes in a variety of colors and will with its beautiful design adorn many types of rooms. Are you looking for a pendant, Bestlite offers the Bestlite BL9 that also comes in many fantastic colors. The BL9 pendant brings a beautiful light into any home. 

The Greatest designers of Bestlite

The very first thoughts and sketches were made by Robert Dudley Best, while he was still studying design in Paris. Along his father, who reluctantly agreed to produce the lamp in his factory, Best & Lloyd, they started one of the design fairytales of the century. The attention and recognition Robert Dudley Best received was the result of his fascination of minimalistic design and the innovative Bauhaus-style that had cut out any superfluous finery. In this spirit, he created the Bestlite lamps. 

The Story behind Bestlite

The Bestlite lamp has been constantly manufactured since the 1930’s and is a very unique lamp that never goes out of style. To this day, 85 years after the production began; the lamp has never been more popular. The design of Bestlite has maintained its industrial look and preserved their unique originality. Bestlite holds an iconic status within design and their lamp series still remains in the top due to the fantastic quality, amazing design and high functionality. 

Bestlite logo

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