Flos Outdoor

Flos outdoor lights collection

Flos has introduced the Flos Outdoor lights, a new addition to their already rich design collection, allowing for the seamless integration of design and nature in outdoor spaces. These lights, which include a variety of wall lights, spotlights, and bollard lamps, are designed to either meld into their surroundings or highlight the beauty of the outdoors. The collection is crafted to create a unique atmosphere in any open outdoor space, demonstrating Flos's commitment to innovation in lighting design.

Popular lamps and the designers

The Outdoor Collection by Flos includes highly sought-after products such as the Climber wall lights, Camouflage wall lights, Belvedere Clove bollards, and A-Round spotlights, known for their ability to enhance outdoor spaces with beautiful and pleasant lighting. Behind these impressive designs are designers Piero Lissoni, Antoni Citterio, and Tim Derhaag, with Lissoni being noted for his contribution of the Camouflage spotlights. These spotlights are designed to be almost invisible when not in use, blending seamlessly with the outdoor environment, a testament to Flos's vision of making light the focal point rather than the lamp itself.

The history of Flos

Flos, established in 1962, quickly rose to fame in Italy and has since gained worldwide recognition for its innovative and creative lamp designs. The company prides itself on its groundbreaking innovations and collaborations with famous designers, contributing to its major acclaim in the design industry. These collaborations have allowed Flos to remain at the forefront of creativity in lighting, illustrating the brand's dedication to producing collections that resonate well with both design connoisseurs and the general public.