Dyberg Larsen

DybergLarsen, a distinguished design house, has carved a niche for itself by identifying and offering both Danish and international designs that boast unique qualities and functionalities, with its product range expanding steadily across the nation. Their collaboration with acclaimed designer Frank Kerdil, particularly noted for the HaiPot pendant, illustrates a fusion between Japanese and Scandinavian design principles, highlighting the brand's innovative approach. This pendant, among others, exemplifies DybergLarsen's commitment to introducing products that seamlessly blend good pricing with exceptional design, available in a variety of sizes and materials including aluminium, acrylic, and mirror-coated acrylic. Furthermore, the story of DybergLarsen, initiated by Karin Larsen in 1997 and transitioning into manufacturing in 2010, is a testament to its evolution and success in the industry. The introduction of the PineApple series during this period, under the aegis of Frank Kerdil, marked a significant milestone, offering over 50 models manufactured in Denmark. This series, alongside other creations, underscores the design house's emphasis on creative thinking and unique, exciting designs, setting a benchmark in Scandinavian as well as international design landscapes.