Design House Stockholm

Design House Stockholm, established in 1992 by Anders Färdig, is renowned for its clean, innovative Scandinavian design, collaborating with over 60 designers, including both well-known and emerging talents, to distribute unique lighting products and more. Their collection boasts celebrated designs like the Cord lamp, serving dual purposes as both a table and floor lamp, and the mouth-blown glass Form pendants—Form Round, Tube, and Cone—that emit a warm, calm light. Among their ranks, renowned designers such as A&E Design and Signe Persson-Melin as well as young innovators like Jonas Hakaniemi, creator of the Box Light, have been instrumental in formulating Design House Stockholm's reputation for quality and innovation. The brand distinguishes itself by prioritizing talent over fame, allowing up-and-coming designers to make significant contributions, such as Harri Koskinen's well-received Block Lamp. Design House Stockholm's philosophy revolves around crafting timeless design classics through a collaborative effort with a broad array of designers, rather than solely relying on established names, thereby ensuring a diverse and high-quality collection.