Unique piece of craftsmanship created by Rasmus Larsson for Design by Us. This series of lamps provides an organic expression and extravagant and colourful lamps. The lamps create life in the home and fit in most places. The lamps can even be presented as pieces of art due to their colourful expression and fantastic shapes.

The popular Ballroom

The Ballroom lamp series from Design by Us is a unique piece of craftsmanship. The lamps are organic, extravagant and colourful in their very own way. The glass of the lamp is handblown and thereafter painted by hand. With its pretty shapes and colours, the lamp gives off a fantastic light while also presenting itself as a piece of art in its surroundings.

Ballroom en moderne og stilren lampe - Stort udvalg af farver!

The designer behind Ballroom

Rasmus Larsson trained at Denmark's Design School in 1999. He since founded Design by Us with his mother-in-law and brother. Rasmus Larsson is thus the designer behind the unique lamps of Design by Us. Originally, Rasmus Larsson had thought of Design by Us as a place to unfold his creative ideas. The success of the company was big so Rasmus Larsson had developed an unique brand.

Ballroom desinger - Rasmus Larsson

The story behind Design by Us

With their edgy approach to design and the ability to create something colourful, Design by Us is now an established player in the world of design - a position they have held since their beginning in 1999. To this day, Design by Us have achieved the creation of a unique brand with a design philosophy building on the idea of being not just a Scandinavian design company but instead designing more eyecatching and colourful designs.
Historien om Design By Us

Design by Us Ballroom