Decode, a British design company celebrated for its innovative and modern lighting, collaborates with skilled British designers, architects, and artists to create stunning lamp designs. Notably, their award-winning works grace numerous exquisite interiors worldwide. The Heavy Light series, designed by Benjamin Hubert and featuring handcrafted raw concrete shades and bases, exemplifies Decode's capability to blend elegance and strength in their products, fitting seamlessly into modern homes. Other remarkable pieces include the Vessel light pendant by Samuel Wilkinson, showcasing a beautiful Plumen bulb through stunning glass, and the vibrant Heavy light pendant that embodies a raw, yet refined aesthetic. Decode, with significant contributions from designers like Viable London and recognition across design media, has capitalized on its British heritage to offer a diverse collection notable for its creativity, quality, and innovative use of materials like concrete. The entire Decode collection, including popular designs like the Wire Light and the Vessel Light pendant, is available through AndLight, demonstrating Decode's appeal among both consumers and design professionals alike.