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Volume LED table lamp

The Danish lighting company Lightyears produces lamps in timeless design in high quality across the world.

The Danish lighting company Lightyears They have managed to develop and produce lamps, where innovation and tradition has been united in their collaboration with leading designers and architects.

The iconic Danish design is clearly seen in their flair for functionality and aesthetics.

They use robust materials such as copper, glass, acrylic, and steel which ensure a long lifetime.

Lightyears’ lamps have been created to challenge the way whereupon you think about, develop, and understand light. Light is a premise of life. Whether we’re talking about life in the bigger picture or on a smaller scale in the individual home.

Therefore it is natural for us to make demands on the lamps we surround ourselves with.

To Lightyears the term innovation isn’t just an empty phrase, but a mantra that characterizes the entire collection of lamps.


Italian Enrico Fatesi and Danish Stine Gam, also known as the design duo, GamFratesi, is behind the design of Lightyears Volume LED.

In their design, they experiment with both materials and techniques. Their style is minimalistic and classic with focus on tradition and innovation. 

While creating the Lightyears Volume LED lamp the dimmer function was the main focus point in their work.

Soft lighting from every angle

The Lightyears Volume LED table lamp is created with inspiration of an old school amplifier, where you control the volume by either turning the button up or down. With Volume LED table lamp you control the brightness with the same technique.

BThe Volume LED table lamp gives of a beautiful 360 degrees light. It lasts 50.000 hours without any kind of maintenance.

Volume LED from Lightyears is therefore perfect for your bedside table, on shelves, or for your work space.

The colours of the shade are very subtle and the new and interesting shape gives the room a modern touch.

Lightyears Volume LED table lamp Blackbird was nominated for a German Design Award 2016, and received a special mention award in the lighting category.