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6 classical lamps through time by Artemide

Today the Artemide collections convey a unique mix of values: the approach to human and responsible light goes hand in hand with design and material savoir faire, combining next-generation technology with ancient wisdoms, a perfect expression of sustainable design.

Join us as we at AndLight dive into some of Artemide's most famous designs of all time – from their newer series Vine Light, to the Tolomeo series, a lamp that eventually will become a symbol of made-in-Italy design, to their first lamp, Alfa.

Vine Light Table Lamp 18’

One of the newest lamp-series from Artemide is the Vine-Light-series designed by the Danish design studio BIG. The series consist a table-, floor-, and wall lamp - all with the same elegance, simple expression and functionality.

Vine Light is a pure and balanced line that reaches maximum freedom of movement with only two joints, to perfectly illuminate the work surface but also create multiple light scenarios, leaving everyone free to shape their own light with a simple movement.
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Tolomeo Micro Wall Lamp 87’

Brought out in 1987 and designed for Artemide by Michele De Lucchi with Giancarlo Fassina, the Tolomeo was an immediate bestseller, that continues to this day.

Today the Tolomeo-series is a well-known symbol of the modern object, commonly seen in houses, offices and hotels, on the desks of architects and on photographic and even film sets.

One of Tolomeo's best-selling lamps at AndLight is the Micro wall lamp, which works as a good work lamp as the lamp is flexible and provides good light. At the same time, the lamp has a simple and elegant design, which is also seen across the entire series.
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Shogun Table Lamp 86’

The Shogun lamp was originally released in 1986 made by the Swiss architect Marrio Botta and later has been updated to incorporate modern LED technology.

With its bold black and white stripes, the Shogun lamp creates a strong graphic presence with its contrast. Its diffuser is crafted of perforated steel, which diffuses a soft light through the tiny holes creating an interesting pattern of light and shadow.

Shogun’s eye-catching design is also highly functional. It features an innovative steel shade can be adjusted to direct light where it is desired.
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Eclisse Table Lamp 67’

Designed by Vico Magistretti in 1967, the Eclisse is an avantgarde balance between form and function, design and utility. A table lamp that also can be wall mounted.

The concept’s foundation lies in its functionality of adjusting the intensity of light through its rotating inner shade that “eclipses” the light source. In fact, with a fixed outer shell and a moveable inner shell the lamp can provide direct or diffuse light.

What makes the Eclisse lamp iconic is its adaptation of natural eclipsing movement from as early as the 60’s. It is a recognizable piece, that has left a revered mark in lighting design.
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Nessino Table Lamp 60s

Nessino is the smaller version of the Nesso lamp, originally designed by Giancarlo Mattioli and Gruppo Architetti Urbanisti Città Nuova in the 1960s.

The lamp has become a design icon, with its mushroom shape and bright orange or white hues. A dash of color and a design inspired from nature, Nessino stems from the visionary identity of Artemide.

An iconic piece having staged its presence in various landmarks such a museums and television series, Nesso is considered a valuable piece of art.
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Alfa Table Lamp 59’

Sergio Mazza created the iconic lamp, Alfa in 1959. It was Artemide’s first table lamp and incorporated natural and manmade elements of glass, marble and metal.

An instant classic designed from 1959 and re-editioned in 1999, the luminaire provides incandescent light via a ribbed, opaque crystal glass diffuser.
Its visionary design and luxurious combination of delicate glass and marble embodies Artemide’s testament beauty and innovation.
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