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Introducing: &TRADITION

We proudly welcome our new brand, &Tradition.

&Tradition is an acknowledged Danish design company. You have definitely seen their furniture and lamps in many homes and shops. Maybe, you already know the Flowerpot pendant or the Topan pendant. 

&Tradition carries a strong tradition for bringing their philosophy into any product they make – a philosophy they describe as “Craft meets art. Function meets form. Material meets potential”. And exactly this fusion has resulted in many, with good reason, popular table lamps, pendants, and floor lamps.

A place between tradition and revolution

&Tradition has great respect for nature and believes that design is made to last. They acknowledge old methods, but push the limits for the potential of the materials. Like that, they create timeless design in both the tradition and the revolution.

Well-known designers such as Arne Jacobsen, Verner Panton, and Jørn Utzon have all contributed to &Tradition’s collection of products, but so has new, talented designers such as Sofie Refer, Norm.Architects, and All The Way To Paris.

Take a look in the amazing universe of &Tradition that carries design traditions such as Formakami, Flowerpot, Bellevue, and Blown